German runner up given 2015 Eurovision Song Contest ticket

Germany decides 2015 Eurovision Winner but Competitor says no thanks

A new Eurovision Song Contest drama unfolded in Germany last night at the end of the national final to select the country’s Eurovision entry descended into chaos. An already over-complicated selection show used a three stage national televote to select the winner at Unser Song für Österreich. In a further twist, it turns out that Germany will now be represented by British-born Ann-Sophie with her song ‘Black Smoke’!


After Andreas Kummert was declared the winner, he decided he didn’t want to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna and gave his place to the loser of the Super Final. He shocked Germany and caused confusion with the presenters when he was given the microphone for an acceptance speech and instead said

“Right now, I’m not in a situation where I’m able to accept that choice and therefore I have to give my title to Ann Sophie”.

Andreas said he would not change his mind and led his band off stage, leading to more boos as a shocked and defeated Ann Sophie on stage to ask “So am I now going to Vienna?”. The presenters then had to remind the audience that they liked her song too as she asked the audience if they wanted to see her perform again. You can watch the drama unfold here:

Andreas has remained tight-lipped about why he turned down the change to sing for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. Logic suggests that artists would perform their favourite song first to give themselves the best chance of reaching round two. Both artists ended up singing their lesser favourite song in the final. It might be that Andreas didn’t want to sing his second choice song at the Eurovision Song Contest. Others think there may be a psychological reason, that he feels he is not worthy of representing the nation and others think it could be a medical reason.

You can read my report on the latest Eurovision Song Contest drama from Germany in Today’s here.

The German final saw eight acts perform one song each. The top four at the end of the first round then performed a second song. The public then had to vote for their favourite two songs from the eight performed by the four successful artists. Confused yet? It gets more confusing! After a second round of voting, the top two songs qualified for a Super-Final, leaving Andreas Kummert and Ann Sophie to face off with their second songs.

Ann Sophie Germany Eurovision Song Contest 2015So Germany will be represented at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest by Ann Sophie with her second song ‘Black Smoke’. It turns out that the 24 year old was born in London and spent three years at the New York Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute training to be an actress. Expect a PR campaign to woo British voters in the coming weeks.

So Ann Sophie will represent Germany at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with Black Smoke. What do you think of it?

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  1. Nancy Roberts says:

    I think Sweden or Italy Will win Eurovision this year

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