One of the most important lessons in life that I’ve learned is that there is a lesson in every experience. Like most people, I’ve had my share of bad luck, wrong turns and regrets, but what I’ve learned is the hardest forgiveness to find is self-forgiveness and compassion for yourself. By taking responsibility for your situation, you can remedy your circumstances.

Ben Royston Inspiration Mistake Experience

© Ben Royston. See more in the Inspirgraphics Gallery below.

I’ve been lucky enough to have many wonderful friends, two in particular are a constant source of motivation and inspiration. Shelley Whitehead and Sietse Bakker have both developed exceptional careers as motivational speakers and provide inspiration for many clients that they work with.

Using Inspiration Graphics (Inspirgrapics)

For me, inspiration can be found anywhere. Finding an inspiring quote or post on Facebook or Twitter can often spark a line of thought or provide a solution for a project I’m working on. Often inspiring graphics showing motivational quotes or incredible feats are the most common thing in my social media newsfeeds. Inspiring graphics, “inspirgraphics” or “inspagraphics” as I call them are something that help motivate, cheer or calm people.

Think Positive Ben Royston Inspiration

© Ben Royston. See more in the Inspirgraphics Gallery below.

Inspiration and inspirgraphics for social media

Powerful inspirgraphics are similar to infographics. They provide creative content marketing by providing a visual impression on the minds of readers or viewers. They make a point by using words that have their power amplified by the creative graphic that they appear with. They engage viewers, rather than provide visual information about business practice or explaining complicated information.

Some influential and popular social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts have attracted many thousands of followers through the creation of inspirgraphics. Providing inspiration for others is one of the best ways to attract followers and visitors back to your social media channels regularly.

Inspirgraphics allow business to provide inspiration for customers

Inspirgraphics can be used by businesses and professionals to provide creative content marketing material for social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are also a welcome break from the word-heavy content on Linked-In.

To use inspagraphics to promote your business and provide inspiration for your customers and clients, contact Bristol Marketing.

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