International Cat Day should be every day for cat owners

Happy InternationalCatDay (1)Today is International Cat Day and it’s an awareness campaign I think about a lot. As a marketer, it offers huge opportunities for businesses to create plenty of creative marketing content for social media marketing and online marketing activity. As a cat owner however, every day should be International Cat Day – a pet cat is a part of the family, totally dependent on its owner for food, medication and survival.

Working with Bristol Marketing on the Awareness Day calendar has highlighted so many ways that people and their businesses can promote a good cause whilst boosting their own marketing activity. An awareness day provides the opportunity to do just that. There are plenty of local and national charities focussing on animal welfare and cat protection that you can support.

Shining a light on International Cay DayThe beauty of International Cat Day is that it raises awareness about cats that are not lucky enough to have a loving home. It gives people a chance to see the amazing work done by cat charities and animal sanctuaries that take in abandoned cats, pets who’s owners are no longer able to care for them through old age or illness and pets that become unwanted due to the changing circumstances.

Why International Cat Day gets media coverage

Because people love to share photos of their cats and creative content marketing on social media, cats provide a huge opportunity for media producers and owners to increase page views. This means that mainstream media will tie in with International Cat Day for reasons of marketing strategy.

International Cat Day gets plenty of media coverage because the majority of people love cats. It works well through social media because people tend to share social media posts about cats more than almost any other topic. The Daily Telegraph published ’19 cat photos for International Cat Day’ whilst The Mirror have International Cat Day: 30 annoying things cats do that we secretly love’.

Promoting International Cat Day every day

As a cat owner, every day is cat day. Caring for a pet means taking responsibility every day for feeding them, making sure they are healthy, happy and mentally stimulated every day of their lives. Cats provide love, compassion and plenty of entertainment, much of which I share on social media, though no photo is ever staged. That’s why International Cat Day also promotes responsible pet ownership and is a great time for cat owners to recommend good vets, pet stores, catteries and cat sitters so that every pet gets the best possible treatment at all times.


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