Eurovision Expert Ben Royston Returns To Eurovision Journalism

Benny Royston is the new editor of ESC Buzz Eurovision Website

Benny Royston Eurovision Song Contest Expert

Benny Royston is the new editor of Eurovision Song Contest website Benny has experience as Manager and Chief Editor at, which remained the most visited independent Eurovision Song Contest site while he worked there. He is also the Eurovision Song Contest blogger for Metro UK and will be reporting for them again this year in Vienna.

From today, ESC Buzz has a voice and opinion of it’s own. Benny Royston is a leading Eurovision Song Contest Expert based in the United Kingdom. He has provided commentary, opinion and debate on television from Iceland to Israel and many places in between. He has served on national selection juries and panels in several countries and has an ear permanently wired to the Eurovision Grape Vine. He will now be providing opinion and his take on all things Eurovision in the all-new ESC Buzz Blog.

Benny Royston Eurovision Music Consultant

“It’s great to be writing for the ESC community again. I’ve missed and the brilliant team I worked with there. It was an experience that has helped shape my career as a creative writer, marketer and journalist. I love writing for Metro and trying to provide positive Eurovision coverage to the UK readers but I couldn’t resist the chance to write for the fans again. Doing the two jobs together in Vienna is a dream come true”.

ESC Buzz is the sister site of highly popular ESC Insight has become a popular go-to page for people looking for a quick hit list of top Eurovision news headlines from around the web. He has appeared on guest podcasts and the legendary ESC Insight Buscast after last year’s Eurovision Song Contest semi finals.

While ESC Insight continues to bring in-depth editorial, discussion and commentary around the ESC world, featuring guest articles from leading Eurovision Song Contest experts.

ESC Buzz has until now provided all the latest news from the Eurovision Song Contest, collating headlines from all the leading sites including the official and leading fan websites such as WiwiBloggs, and escXtra as well as Eurovision videos from YouTube. The site will be fully updated before this year’s competition to show the new Buzz Blog in full.

Check out ESC BUZZ here.

Check out Ben Royston’s Metro UK coverage here.


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