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Laura McEwan Head Injury Fund

Laura McEwan FundThis is the hardest blog article I’ve had to write in 15 years.

My friend, Laura McEwan, was celebrating her 33rd birthday on the evening of Saturday 29th November at Cheltenham Road when she was struck by a police car responding to a 999 call. The accident was reported by The Bristol Post and received national media coverage. Because of the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) investigation into the incident, it would be wrong to write anything emotive about what happened and hard as it is, I have to write objectively. Her condition is currently critical but stable. Despite suffering life threatening head injuries, Laura is now breathing without support and has woken from her coma but remains critically ill and faces many months in hospital and then further support services.

Laura McEwan was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Bristol. Her outgoing nature, natural beauty (both inside and out), sense of humour and infectious smile make her someone it’s impossible not to be drawn to. We met just a few feet from where she was struck down and were chatting away like old friends in minutes.

Laura McEwan Accident FundLaura also works in marketing and communications and helped me tremendously in looking for work in Bristol. She was freelancing at the time and emailed me a list of marketing recruitment agencies with notes about who to speak to, who to avoid and why – in typical Laura humour.

We all pray that Laura will make a speedy and full recovery from this tragic accident, however there are immediate financial concerns that a group of her close friends are attempting to address and for that reason, a support fund has been launched to ensure that Laura does not end up homeless or in financial difficulties in the months ahead.


As is the case with many of us 30-somethings, Laura has many bills that still need to be paid whilst she remains unable to work. As well as her regular bills, Laura is likely to need funds for treatment and additional services whilst she recovers.

Laura McEwan Head Injury FundLaura’s closest friends have launched a recovery fund to help ensure that Laura’s home is secure, to prevent her falling into debt and arrears, and to ensure she is able to access any support and services she needs through her recovery.

Like many people, December is a hard month financially and most of us have already spent more than we should on Christmas presents. I ask you all to give a thought to Laura’s plight this Christmas and help her friends and family to deal with her affairs so that we can all support Laura on what is certain to be a very long road back to health.


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