A new dawn, a new day

It seems strange to be sitting here writing the first blog for my new website. It’s a task that I thought I had left in the past. After managing blogs for companies that I’ve worked for and then for my own company, I have been enjoying my time writing for national and international blogs on topics that I passionately enjoy. Not least the Eurovision Song Contest, football and politics.

Having relocated from London to Bristol almost two years ago, I decided it was time to head back into full time employment. Truthfully, I hated running my own business. My time was spent managing other people who were doing the day-to-day things I enjoyed but simply did not have the time for. Then events took over and I was no longer able to work at all. I had no choice but to close the company and take some much needed time off.

This morning, I decided it was time to take another giant step forwards and start a new site. A new day, a new dawn and a new start to a new chapter of my life.

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