Would you pay for a Christmas Wrapping Expert

Christmas Wrapping Marketing BristolHaving been injured in a horrific washing-up accident a couple of weeks ago, I am currently struggling to keep Christmas presents hidden from their intended recipients until I am able to use my hand well enough to wrap up all the gifts. Despite some creative ideas of where to hide the presents, as I near the end of my Christmas shopping, I’m fast running out of places to stash goodies. I’ve thought about recruiting the help of a Christmas Present wrapper. It gave me a business idea.

When I have full use of my hands, I’m pretty nifty with a pair of scissors, some decent wrapping paper, tissue paper and a bit of ribbon. Whilst many stores offer a gift wrapping service and online shops can deliver pre-wrapped presents, I think there is a gap in the market for a high quality expert Christmas present wrapper. True, there are people offering the service already, but by the time I began researching the idea, I’d already created a marketing strategy in my head (as I do with many ideas I come up with) and this one is a potential flyer.

So, I’m wondering, would you pay for your christmas presents to be wrapped. Please take a moment to reply in the poll below:

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