Five reasons why the United Kingdom failed at Eurovision 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 result scoreboard

British viewers had high hopes that Electro Velvet would be able to achieve a decent Eurovision Song Contest result this weekend in Vienna, but alas it wasn’t to be as the United Kingdom failed at Eurovision yet again, finishing 24th with just five points. In truth, hopes were based on good will for Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholls who had been hand picked to sing ‘Still In Love With You’ by an internal selection panel responsible for the United Kingdom’s Eurovision Song Contest entry. Electro Velvet’s song had proved popular with Eurovision fans and they worked tirelessly to support their entry in Vienna. It quickly became clear that compared to other delegations, the BBC effort lacked cohesion, understanding and leadership. Whilst entries such as the eventual winner from Sweden had been tried, tested, perfected and locked down through the course of a six week selection show, Electro Velvet had their first runRead More

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – a new dawn

As 2014 draws to a close, we can look back at one of the stand-out Eurovision Song Contest year’s of the competition’s 59 year history. Austria’s victory marked more than just a second win for the small landlocked nation at the heart of Europe, it made a statement about Europe’s acceptance of people, no matter what their ethnic origin, gender or sexual preference may be. Conchita Wurst’s victory in character as the glamour lady with a beard somewhat overshadowed her achievements as a quality vocalist with a powerful musical piece. So too is the race for victory with The Netherlands’ Common Linnets pushing her all the way and Swedish superstar Sanna Nielsen claiming perhaps a disappointing third place. No countries from the former Soviet Union or Yugoslavia featured in the top three, Turkey’s diaspora did not automatically turn to Azerbaijan and the Greek and Albanian diaspora deserted their traditional antics.Read More