Bristol HMD challenges – How to keep the memory alive for Holocaust victims

Bristol-HMD Holocaust Memorial Day service

On Tuesday 27th January, I attended the Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) event at Bristol’s M-Shed. The Bristol HMD event saw a vibrant mixture of people from multi faith backgrounds united for a day of film, poetry, discussion, talks and reflection. A challenge was set out: How do we continue to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive, honour and commemorate those that lost their lives and work towards the prevention of genocide in the future? For me, The Holocaust has always been an emotive issue and now in my mid 30s, it is a sad state of the world that I can look back on so many examples of ethnic cleansing, genocide and mass murder that have taken place long after the NAZI death camps were made known to the world. Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur – all in my lifetime. The Bristol HMD event created news coverage, multimedia interest and keptRead More