A good week for Social Media Power

Ben Royston on Twitter

I’ve felt for a while that Social Media can provide more traffic to websites than SEO and at a far lower cost when done effectively. The key to this working is to get the right followers engaged across Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. It is this approach that guides much of the social media work going on at Bristol Marketing. Proof that it’s the quality of followers you have on social media and how well you interact with them that makes all the difference when you look to develop your brand. With just 240 followers at the start of the week, The @bbroyston twitter account managed to received more than 15,000 views, brought 168 website visits and saw tweets favourited 78 times. With today’s follower number up to 297, that’s almost a 25% increase in followers in just 7 days. The key to successful Twitter use is aRead More