Website Creation

Why Do You Need A Website?

Having a website is essential for businesses looking to win new business. Whether you’re hoping to find new customers online or need to prove your credentials to people that you’ve been recommended to you, a website is almost always the first thing anyone looks for. It’s your way to make a great first impression and show customers why they should come to you.

The Right Website For Your Business

Having the right website is crucial to your online marketing success. It needs to showcase what you do, explain why you do it well and tell customers how to contact you. If you’re looking for a modern, up-to-date website that helps you win business and look good, Ben Royston is here to help.

Cost Effective Websites That Work Well on Google

Most small business websites need to be easily maintained and updated, allow Google and other search engines to find and like them and help you reach the first page on Google for key words that people will hope to find you with. Ben Royston uses WordPress websites, a cost effective and highly popular type of website that allows the easy addition of new pages and news updates without the need for web developers or additional costs. WordPress websites are inexpensive, can be hosted on most packages and can be developed and built up in line with your business. This means low up-front costs and optional expansion if and when you’re ready for the next step.

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